Thursday, August 12, 2010

day 9 - photo!

Hello. I remain committed to telling only the facts on this blog. I may attempt mix in some thematic elements, of course, but the facts of surviving jaw surgery will always be told.  Yesterday those facts included some complaining.  Actually the last week has included a lot of complaining.  Thats okay though, because today - no complaints! I had a very good day.  =)  I woke up at 7, took a wonderful shower,  then I did my hair and put on some makeup for the first time since before surgery. (the hair and makeup were for the 1st time...I assure you I've taken plenty of showers the last week).  I also then proceeded to put on jeans and a regular shirt.  So for the first time since before my surgery i looked kinda nice instead of a frizzy-haired orangutan in pajamas. My swelling has also gone down a lot so that I no longer, i repeat, NO LONGER look like an orangutan.   I am now enjoying *full* cheeks and Angelina Jolie lips.  Yes. I look like a movie star.  i bet you wish you had jaw surgery.

Okay... so maybe i don't look like a movie star. ....Actually, this picture was taken with Henk (my best friend's husband) in mind.  He called me a dork last time i did the thumbs up...pshhhh I'm not a dork! I'm just enjoying life! 

But anyway.  I had my first post-surgery follow up appointment today at my orthodontist.  Because my surgeon is 9 hours away in Minnesota, the majority of my follow-ups will be here in town.   So my ortho and her assistant (i never know what to call all those girls at the orthodontist... they're not nurses...they just do most of the work...anyway..)...said i looked great.  The assistant thought it was actually 2 weeks out of surgery instead of only 1 week because the swelling is so under control. Two other "assistants" also made a point to see me before i left so see how I was doing.  Having jaw surgery makes you popular at the orthodontists office i guess.  But yeah, they were all impressed with my recovery. Thats good i think. Its been an insanely rough week, but if I'm a week ahead of the game I'm happy!  Yep. After my appointment, i went to the library. My first public appearance!!  I picked up some dvds...came home... had a yummy smoothie that contained no less than 500 calories (haven't lost any weight so far) and by 11:00 i was totally exhausted so i slept for a while.  The rest of the day has included watching The Office and chilling and more sleeping and more smoothies...all of which i consider elements of a satisfying summer day.  


  1. Wow, this was incredibly informative and fun to read :) thanks for posting :)It was delightful to hear all the details and hear about your entertaining post surgery fog :)

  2. Hi! im not sure if you will see this, but i have a question. i need to have a surgery very similar to this, and by the same doctor. is it worth it? from reading your blog it sounds kinda scary. any suggestions?? thanks!

  3. Hi Mallory!

    The surgery is kind of scary, and the process is really long and really not fun... but IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! I'm so much happier with my smile & I can eat SOOOO much better! And if you're having it with Dr. Rieck - you're definitely in good hands. I'm totally 100% confident that he will make sure your surgery is done right. :) feel free to email me at if you have any more questions!

  4. Hi. I know it's been a super long time since your surgery but I am on day 9 post op and i STILL feel like i look like a monkey. You are the FIRST jaw surgery blogger to say they felt that way and I am SO relieved. I was starting to fear that i will always look this way and it bums me out :( if you can, please check out my blog and email me if you can. (i dont wanna post my email here cause I've heard there are weirdos out there lol) thanks