Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 3 - Still in the hospital

Friday:  I would say this was the most painful day... i gave it at 4/10. That doesn't sound so high i guess... But i think i have a pretty high pain tolerance so I'm not sure if my scale is a little off to someone else.  But i will give discomfort a 10/10!  Swelling peaked in the morning...and it was bad. My face was probably about 4 times bigger than it normally is... my lips so big they curled over. I felt gross and looked pretty gross too.  Dr. Rieck visited me around 7am again...he said he could check out of the hospital later that day if i felt up to it, or i was free to stay another day.  I didn't really feel up to it so we opted to stay another night.  Time in the hospital goes by soooo slow though! Minutes seem like hours! You feel like it should be 8:00 at night, then you look at the clock and its only 2:00.  I was able to eat some breakfast though... Pureed peaches again along with some pureed eggs.  I ate all the eggs... but they were kind of gross. The texture was just weird...very gritty.  I didn't order those again.  I really like the peaches though.  Pretty tasty. Not really a whole lot else to say about the day.  I took my liquid vicoden every 6 hours... some other antibiotics and meds to help with the swelling through my IV. ...Went for a walk or two to the court yard and back.. Took another shower at night... And thats about it. I decided the best way to pass the time is to just sleep as much as you can.  I've started to get tingles in my chin...very annoying but this means that my nerves are intact and I'm on the way to getting full feeling back. yay!  My chin and lower lip are totally numb though... so i can't scratch or rub away the tingles! I can feel my upper lip, and the left side of my nose (the right side is numb). Feeling in my cheeks is kind of weird. I can tell if i'm touching them... but i can't tell if my ice pack is cold or not. Not sure why this is. I slept a little better this night...but still very disrupted by the nurses. They have horrible timing! 

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