Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 25 - If I can't chew it, I'll swallow it whole

Hello... Today I attended a scholarship award luncheon.  Now, I've really tried to avoid events that involved food the last few weeks.  I haven't been 100% successful, but I've put in a good effort.  However, since I was one of the scholarship recipients, I was obliged to attend.  I've never won a scholarship before so really the whole thing was pretty neat.  It was a very nice event....friendly people, nice hall, pretty tables, great lemonade and of course... delicious food. *sigh*  One person can withstand only so much temptation.  Everyone has limits and can be pushed over the edge. So....I went through the buffet line and got some food. I of course avoided things like salad or the stiff green beans and anything else that was hard...But i did get some mashed potatoes and pasta (this is now allowed, like the scrambled eggs), and...... some chicken & beef. I was starving! I couldn't help myself!  Its not like I chewed them or anything though because, #1 I don't think I'm capable of making chewing motions and #2 if i tried to chew anything I would probably re-break bones in addition to breaking some that were never even broken - definitely not a road I want to go down.  So what I did is cut the meat into suuuuuuper tiny pieces, like maybe the size of a cheerio or two, and just swallow these pieces whole.  Honestly, food isn't that satisfying when you can't chew it, though.  You just don't taste it as much as you would normally.  It just sort of passes by your tongue and then its gone.  No enjoyment at all. But at least I wasn't hungry. :)  In the whole scheme of things, I'm not really sure i broke any rules anyway.  I didn't chew anything, and the pieces were so little they were practically blended, so I think I'm good.  Gosh i really just want to eat a normal dinner  again!  When this is all over, I will never again take chewing for granted!!!

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