Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 21 - three weeks!

Three weeks! woohoooo.  I don't think there's been any major steps in recovery in the last week.  Every day I make slight improvements with talking and control over my face and with regaining energy...But  no improvements in regards to getting feeling back in my chin, lower lip and the roof of my mouth.  Thankfully, the tingles aren't as bad as they used to be.  They're still there occasionally though... it kind of feels sometimes like my hair is brushing up against my chin or something is tickling it, but when I try to rub  it away, nothing is there and i don't feel the rubbing - just the tickling still. Very weird.  As far as pain goes, its still there as much as before.  I still take motrin every 4 hours, but that doesn't usually eliminate the pain completely.  I usually end up taking a tylenol 3 sometime in the afternoon and a vicodin in the late evening when the pain is the worst after a whole day of talking.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, though... I really don't like tylenol 3 and especially not vicodin,  I, personally, prefer to be as awake and alert as possible during the day, so drugs just don't work for me.  I always end up putting off taking them for so long that my mouth hurts pretty bad by the time I finally give in.  Today, I went on the phones at work for 4 hours.  I was really glad to be on the phone, but the talking ended up being more than I expected.  My mouth was pretty sore and i was pretty tired.  Maybe I'm not quite ready for it yet... but i'm doing 4 hours again on Thursday.  I figure it'll get a little easier every time I go to work.  Thats what I'm hoping anyway.  I am assuming that my mouth isn't going to hurt forever.... Just not sure when it stops.

k....now, just because i'm in a pretty awesome mood right now, I'm going to tell you one of my absolute favorite jokes ever.

Why did the bubblegum cross the road?

Cause it was stuck to the chicken's feet!



  1. Hello. Great blog. I've read every entry. I'm 18 months into my treatment and I should be having my upper jaw surgery in the summer. But I really want to plan!! Obviously everyone's different but having read you blog it looks as though you were able to do some work again after 21 days? Do you think that's pretty normal? I'm a freelance with a recent mortgage and it's so tough trying to forward plan for the op. Plus, my really close friend is getting married this summer. I'll be really sad if I have to miss her wedding! Thanks again for the blog. It's provided a great wealth of info! Amy (in Wales) x

  2. Hi Amy!
    I feel like i already answered your question, but i'm not seeing my post anywhere so maybe I'm just going crazy. lol

    Anyway, you'll probably be able to work some after 3 weeks... but in short intervals because you'll still get tired really quickly. I remember feeling exhausted after just 2 hours at my job. Also depends on how much talking your job requires... because your mouth will get tired REALLY quickly. haha