Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 13 - Rubberbands

Today I tried to eat soup with a spoon.  I started with a small spoon, but it was too big so I switched to a baby spoon.  That still didn't really work. I mean, it kind of did... But with these rubberbands in, I just can't open my mouth very wide... and definitely not wide enough to get a spoon in.  It took me over half an hour to eat 1 can of soup. Kind of ridiculous.  So after this experience, I decided it would be okay to take off the rubberbands just for a few minutes so I could brush my teeth better.   This ended up being one of the scariest few moments of my entire life.  At first when I removed the bands I thought "hey look! i can talk a lot better!"  then i thought "OHMYGOSH MY LOWER JAW IS GOING TO FALL OFF!!!!!" because thats what it felt like.  Both of my jaws felt very loose and they weren't really attached to my head.  I know that they're actually screwed into place... but it still felt pretty shaky to me.  I could still barely open wide enough to get the tooth brush in, but, with my mom standing by for emotional support, my teeth were successfully brushed.  I am very nervous to repeat this experience, though.  The last 2 weeks i've been itching to take these rubberbands off thinking that everything would be fine and dandy if only i could throw them away... I was wrong. Very wrong.  I love my rubberbands now.  I now know the important work they do.  They're keeping my jaws attached to my head.

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