Thursday, August 12, 2010

day 8 - i swallowed a pill! whoah!

Hello. day 8 wasn't very fun. I barely slept at all the entire day so i got to savor every wonderful moment. That sounds kind of cynical and depressing. I'm really actually quite up-beat and chipper (just had my vicoden so i might be a little slap happy too).  But....complaining on here is a little therapeutic.   It is my jaw surgery blog after all so i do have the right to moan the agonies and woes i suffer.  In fact, not only is my right, it's my duty.  Some other poor, unsuspecting individual could somehow stumble across this blog looking for insight into the jaw surgery experience before he makes the decision to undergo it.  Now, I could never forgive myself if i were to give that poor, unsuspecting individual the wrong impression that could lead him to making the wrong decision, and that wrong decision would impact his very life.  Yes...I must continue to complain. Lives depend on it.  SO that being said... uhmmm.. today sucked. I am getting better, which is a good thing, but each day I'm learning more and more that the better i get, the worse i feel.   Sure my face isn't swollen 5 times its normal size any more, I can stand up by myself now and I have some feeling back in my face.  I'm more awake and able to function more...But I'm not awake and functioning enough to be satisfying. Its only tempting me.   Now I can smell the dinner my mom is cooking for the family...and unlike before, I'm actually kind of hungry now.  Do you know what its like to walk downstairs, see your family eating chicken and broccoli and corn on the cob and it smells sooooo delicious, and then your mother hands you your dinner - a cup of cream of chicken soup. Its kind of disheartening.  And the aforementioned family doesn't even appreciate what they've got!  Half of them probably didn't even eat all the chicken on their plate.  What a messed up world. So yeah.  That was a tough moment today.  Then i choked on my vicoden, motrin, and water no less than 5 times.  Coughing is similar to laughing. (see last post)   BUT, I've made progress! real progress! i swallowed a pill today! two pills! amazing!!!!  It was really hard but I did it. I can't wait until I'm completely proficient in this whole pill taking thing so I can completely abolish the use of liquid meds.   The reason pills are tricky is because #1, I can't open my mouth very far to put the pill in, and #2, once its in its hard to get it to the back of my mouth and swallow cause,  like i said, i can't open my mouth and the roof of my mouth is mostly numb. Its easy to lose a tiny pill in your mouth when you can't feel it.  I know dozens of people who are perfectly normal and can't swallow pills... So in my condition, I consider swallowing pills an accomplishment. yup. Okay... my vicoden is really setting in now so I'm going to sleep. goodnight.


  1. Dont you need to get back to your surgeon?

  2. I'm sorry? I followed up with my surgeon 6 weeks after my surgery [i had several other check-ups with my orthodontist before that]...But now I'm 3 months post op and everything's fabulous so no need to see my surgeon anymore until i go for my 1 year appointment.

  3. Hi Rebecca, just checking ypur blog again... I'm actually on day 6 super swollen but trying to cope with it. Good thing i can read your posts and see this misery has been suffered by others hahaha. take care

  4. I feel the same way! Thanks so much for making this blog, it helps so much. I was just wondering if you noticed a difference in the shape of your nose? Mine looks very dfferent(in a good way I think) but it has only been 8 days for me so I was wondering if that will change at all. Try and get back to me! Thanks again.

    1. haha yes, I do feel like my nose is slightly different....but in a good way! I dont think anyone else would notice really cause its minor...But the front of it got pushed up slightly from bringing my top jaw forward. Its cute i think. :P

  5. I'm on day 8 right now! Feeling miserable but I'm enjoying this blog! Can't wait until the day when I can say it was worth it...if I even feel that way.