Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 5 - home!

It was good to sleep in my own bed last night... more comfortable than at the hospital...But it is still hard to find a good position to sleep in.  Whenever my head is a comfortable position, my back is killing me.. No idea how to solve this.  I spent a lot of the day sleeping regardless. I did sit outside for a while and play the piano a little bit.  Standing for very long makes me nauseous though so my "exercise" is a little limited. I can stand up by myself now, but I'm still very weak and don't really have much of an appetite.  For breakfast i ate some peaches and cream of chicken soup...doesn't sound very breakfast-y but i like how they taste and calories are calories so yeah, i eat what i can.  I was able to chat with a few friends on facebook for a bit, that was nice. I can't wait to actually see people again! No idea when I'll be fit for work though.. My job is talking on the phone to customers it'll probably be a few more weeks before i'll be up to that.  I have been talking quite a bit though. My lips and jaws don't really move much... but my tongue is in perfect working condition!  The quality of speech..ehhh well, i'm understandable - most of the time.  Bs, Ms, and Vs are hard to say....or any letter that involves using your lips very much. But i do manage pretty well. :)  My face is still pretty swollen...but is slightly better.  The skin is starting to kind of peel off my lips. It apparently can't handle stretching to the size of texas and going back to normal (well..maybe normal isnt the best word to use yet...)  Probably the most gross part so far is the inability to brush my teeth. I'm going to be working on solving this issue VERY soon. Tingles in my chin are becoming more frequent...still irritating...Still no real sense of temperature on my cheeks, right side of my nose is still numb.  I have some bruising on each side of my chin, but its not horrible.  I definitely can see the resemblance between myself and an orangutan at this point though. 

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