Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 27 - work is getting easier!

Today I went to work... and, when I left, my mouth was actually not that sore! happy day!  I think I could have worked more than 4 hours, but that might have caused the soreness to return so maybe its for the best I still have short shifts.  I felt so good when I got there though! I made tons of calls and talked to tons of customers and no one said "sorry, can you repeat that?"  thrilling!!! I would like to note though, that my very first day back to work, one of the first customers I spoke with made a point to tell me that I had a very lovely voice.   This wasn't someone who knew I had jaw surgery trying to comfort me...this was a totally random guy out of the blue who goes "wow, you have a really lovely voice!" yep. Made my day.  ....of course, he may just have been trying to get in good with his mortgage company.....

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