Friday, August 13, 2010

day 10 - tingling! gahh! - PHOTO

I'm glad to say that I had another pretty good day.  I've been taking a lot less vicoden and i think that really helps.  The vicoden really drains my energy and my mood along with it.  Unfortunately though, even though I am feeling better, there are still 7 broken bones in my face and vicoden is still a necessary evil for the time being.... just not every 4 hours like last week.  I'm more at every 8 hours right now.. Sometimes longer - with motrin every 6 hours of course.  I'm very glad to say that I am 100% through with all liquid meds though. I've finally gotten a new prescription for vicoden pills so i'm pretty happy.  Not only is liquid vicoden the most disgusting thing you have ever smelled or tasted in your entire life, it also burns my throat.  Nothing like the element of pain to distract you from a nasty taste.  But thats all done with now. :D   Now, my most urgent complaint is regarding the tingles in my chin!!!  They are horrible! they kept me awake until 2am last night!!  Up until now, they have been little tingles - kind of funny feeling but not horrible.  Now they are getting to be more than I can take.  Take your cell phone, make it vibrate, and hold it to your chin.  Imagine feeling that vibrating constantly all. day. long.  That is essentially what I've been dealing with. blah.

I've started to see people today though.  Thats pretty cool.  I went over to my grandparents house in the afternoon for a short visit....then later my aunt and cousin came by - thank you for the orange creme freeze! mmmmm.  It was really good to finally see and talk to people instead of just laying around watching tv all day.  Any one else is welcome to visit me, too! Please do! :)

here's what i looked like today.  still kind of weird.  my upper lip is especially swollen..far more so than my lower lip. kind of odd.

And this is the lovely bruise on my left wrist.  There was apparently some sort of tube shoved into my artery to keep track of my blood pressure during surgery.  I would like to point out that this is a week and a few days after my surgery and the bruise is still this was much uglier before. MUCH uglier. Note:if you look at your computer screen straight on, you don't get the full idea of how dark it is. tilt your screen back if you can to see its true ugliness. 

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