Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 24 - my tongue shrunk

One thing I've been noticing the last few days is that my tongue has shrunk.   It definitely does not stick out as far as it used to.  This isn't really an issue since I don't make a habit out of sticking my tongue out or anything like that....but you know how sometimes you sort of lick your teeth to make sure there's no food or anything stuck in them?  Well, my tongue doesn't reach my top teeth anymore to do this.  I guess, technically, my tongue didn't actually shrink... that's not actually possible, is it?  I'm thinking the issue is more that my top jaw is just farther away than it used to be since they did move it forward.  I dunno...I'm hoping this isn't a permanent condition.

oh and on the motrin - I made it a whole day without taking any! its not like my mouth felt good or anything... but it didn't really hurt so thats a happy thing.

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