Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 28 - VIDEO: Jaw Surgery Explained

There are really no changes today in anything....no improvements, except maybe a little bit more feeling has been gained in the roof of my mouth...and definitely no interesting stories to tell.   My life is now revolving more and more around normal things and less and less around my jaw so I don't have as much to talk about on here anymore.  This is a good thing!  As my friend Roey knows though, I'm really good at filling up a page when I have nothing to say, so no worries about my blog yet.  However,  I will take this opportunity to post a rather interesting video I happened to find.  My bite was slightly different than the one in the video, but the procedure is identical and the before and afters very similar.  So basically the video quickly shows the purpose of the braces and how the surgery is done...all using very cool animation so you will not see anything that would disturb the faint of heart. :)


  1. Hello, I am a visitor at your blog (duh, lol.) I've went through Bryan's blog for a while, and I've suddenly came across your blog. First of all, I want to give you a big credit for sharing your experiences to the people out there who are seeking this surgery. One question: Are there metals implanted inside of your face? If you see 0:30, there is this metal thing above the model's teeth. Is it just there for some sort of illustrative reasons for the video per se, or is it something that we have to keep it inside permanently? thanks in advance.
    P.S. You look defenitely more beautiful than before. I hope this has a positive flow-on effects on every aspects of your life!

  2. Hey thanks for reading! I dont know who Bryan is... but if you wanna give me a link to his blog, that'd be great! :)

    To answer your question....yes, there are metal plates attached to my jaw and will remain there for the rest of my life. Everything you see in the video is exactly how it is for this type of surgery. There are also a lot of other video's up by the same youtuber showing how other different jaw surgeries are done - pretty cool! Are you going to be having jaw surgery soon yourself? ...if so i hope it goes well for you! feel free to ask any other questions. =)


  3. Thanks for your response. Your reply contains passion and sympathy for the people who are out there. Your compassion and willingness to help others will greatly enrich the lives in your community and many others.
    And the link…well, actually it was Brandon. Sorry for the mix up.
    I saw the before-and-after picture of yours there.
    To provide my example, wow, this is a complete torture. I haven’t yet arranged my surgery date, but it is approaching; probably within 3 or 4 months or so. The thing is, I am in the middle of my most important phase of my early (?) life. I have a job interview next week, and I am worried about my pronunciation. And yes, I am wearing lingual braces. Last time I think I haven’t made it because of my inaccurate accents. So this time, in order to get rid of every negative impact that I could make with these things in my mouth, I am actually taking it off two days before the interview. The doctor warned me that by doing so, it could delay the teeth adjustment process by one month though.
    Anyway, I believe I will be asking questions as the date comes closer.
    Once again, thanks for your kindness.