Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 7 - I punched myself in the nose. oops.

I've hit the one week point. yay. The first week is supposed to be the worst so I'm glad to be through it.  I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty miserable.  Especially the first few days, if you had asked me, I would have told you that I was tricked into this surgery and would never have done it if I had known what to expect.  Glad to be through those days.  Recovery still really stinks though.  I'm sick of liquid meds a million times a day, I'm sick of sleeping all the time because of the meds, and I miss popcorn!!! The absolute worst thing though, is that I can't laugh.  I really like always makes you feel good. If you ask my brother, he'll tell you I'm always sitting by myself laughing at nothing.  He used to accuse me of chatting online with people in the middle of the night because there was no way someone could laugh that much by themselves.  But yeah.. no chatting. Maybe I'm just crazy....But I have a lot of funny thoughts! But now I can't laugh.. It has happened a few times, but it hurts SO BAD.  Every bone in my face aches and I can feel the stitches tearing against my braces.  Its horrible.  So every time i've laughed so far, I end up crying too, from the pain.  Its driving me nuts! Earlier today one of those laughing/crying moments took place.  I was trying to suck some cream of potato soup into my syringe and it just wasn't working.  Something must have gotten stuck in the straw part because no soup was going in or out.   I was pulling and pulling and pulling with no success at all when  the syringe finally broke.  All of the force from my hand pulling the syringe was released and it flew back, hitting myself quite hard in the nose...Just like in tug-of-war when the other team decides to let go of their end of the rope so you fly backwards with your end.  Ouch. my nose hurt so bad! Its been pretty numb all this time, but some of those nerves woke up then. Honestly, I thought I had broken something or messed up part of the surgery.  Evidently I'm okay... but you never know! Of course the whole situation was so ridiculous, I ended up laughing...which caused even more pain in addition to my poor nose.  Do these kinds of things happen to other people too?

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  1. Yeah. The syringe thing did happen to me and I hit my chin. It hurt but I'm ok. Also, I I hurt my knee before this surgery and I've been limping on it. Three minutes after getting home from the hospital it gave out on the outside steps and I plopped down in the grass. My jaw jolted together and I twisted my knee again. It was horrible.