Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 23 - still numb

So, I've noticed that my lower lip has been catching on my braces a lot.  It never really used to before.  Perhaps the surgical hooks have something to do with that?  Either way, the inside of my lip is quite torn up and blistered and nasty.  It looks quite painful, but I wouldn't know since I don't have any feeling back yet.  Its weird because i never even know when my lip is caught, unless i happen to catch it in a mirror or something.  hmmmmm I'm not sure if I'm ever going to get used to all this numbness.
I've decided its time to start tapering off the ibuprofen now.  Even though its pretty harmless, after taking it so regularly for a long time it is possible to slightly damage your liver I guess (thats what my mom told me anyway).  I'm pretty sure that I haven't reached that point yet...But if i can get through a day without the motrin, why not?  So i already took some today at 10:00am and 2:00pm..but, no more after that.  Its almost 1:00am now (yes yes, i'm going to bed in just a minute) and I'm doing fine...So we'll see how much of tomorrow i can get through without it.  I will be working for a few hours, which involves a lot of talking and I'm not opposed to taking some in the event of severe, moderate any pain though at whatever cost to my liver...but we'll see how I do. :)

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