Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 36 - The Nom List

I'm really starting to crave foods other than scrambled eggs and smoothies.  Sure, I've eaten a few other random soft foods too, even cheesecake made the list.  But while the cheesecake was quite delicious,  there's just been a big gaping hole in my life ever since I haven't been able to open up the pantry and eat whatever I wanted.   I've felt empty inside.....literally.

Of course, my family keeps the Food Network on the tv every waking hour so I get a lot of opportunities to think about the foods I miss.  In honor of these foods, I have assembled "The Nom List".  It includes the foods I have especially missed and am looking forward to eating again someday. 

Strawberries in general would be fabulous...but since we're using our imaginations, lets cover them in chocolate.

Roasted chicken, strawberries, pineapples, mandarin oranges, almonds...mmmmm. i get this at Big Apple Bagel. its the best.

america's favorite cookie

Who doesn't love steak?

I enjoy cheesy broccoli with my steak

Chicken fajitas are deeeeelicious!

I always had issues biting into gyros pre-jaw surgery... I'm hoping that these issues have been dealt with.

i love grapes.

i don't eat s'mores regularly, but i don't appreciate not being able to in case i was in the mood for one...


apples with peanut butter! so good!

chocolate covered espresso beans are little pieces of heaven

I definitely miss my Yaya's baklava

I don't need fancy food... a simple ham sandwich would be nice

my favorite cereal....very crunchy.


i can eat ice cream...but not the cones... =(

I'm a big fan of healthy food.


i like to eat them dry with raisins.

Its very possible that i will fall in love with whoever sends me a box of chocolates in the next month.

All right...thats about all the food I can take for now.  Any suggestions of things i should add to the list?


  1. Haha, awesome list, literally made my mouth water.

    I don't see how you did it without going crazy. I used to hate seeing food commercials while I was wired shut, plus I had to go to Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. You had to miss Thanksgiving? awwwww i feel so bad for you!!! I've gone to functions and had to watch everyone eat and it was not fun.... but thanksgiving is too much. haha My surgery either had to be in early august, or in december because of my class schedule.... i'm SO glad i had it in august or i would have missed Christmas. That would have been tragic.

  3. I miss poached egg on toast and a good crisp salad.