Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 30 - Jaw Surgery Blogs - lots of them!

hello hello. We're at day 30! Pretty exciting! This is kind of like the one month point... but since my surgery was on August 4, I'm going to be celebrating my one month anniversary on September 4.  I thought it made sense. So be waiting for pictures on Saturday! =D

Updates as of today...hmm....Well, i can definitely sense more feeling come back in my palate.  yay!   Chin and lower lip (and gums) are STILL 100% numb though!  sheesh! I touch my chin no less than 10,000 times a day to test it for any returned feeling, but no luck. :(  I haven't had any tingly feelings in my chin recently though, so I thought that maybe those were over with.... But no, they came back in full swing today causing me much grief. *sigh* Lets pray that this is but a temporary relapse.

So, I know that a few if my friends have been following my blog (thanks guys!),  but yesterday, thanks to the new blogger stat feature, I learned that I actually have quite a few other readers from all over the world. I thought that was pretty neat.  For a while I wasn't even sure if anyone was reading except my best friend or if i was just sitting here rambling away to no one.  Even if no one read, that'd be okay with me just because I really enjoy writing and journaling.. But either way, its cool to know people are reading and I really appreciate the support I've gotten from my friends.  Recovering from jaw surgery is almost more of a mind game sometimes than actual physical recovery, so its really nice to have friends encouraging you.  Just like anything though, trying to relate what you're going through to someone who's never experience it before can be kind of tough sometimes.  This is where all of the other jaw surgery bloggers come in...and if you google "jaw surgery blogs" you'll find an abundance of them.  Its really cool to read other people's blogs and see how their recovery compares to yours and check out their milestones to give you an idea what to expect yourself.  Very helpful!  Two of my favorites are.... Double Jaw Surgery,  and Makay's Jaw Journey,  and, just 2 days ago, i found a cool jaw surgery messageboard!  I know that must sound so lame to anyone who hasn't had jaw surgery..But its neat for the rest of us who have!  Also, I'd like to mention that the mentioned messageboard had a contest/drawing going on during August where people uploaded their before and after pictures and one lucky person would be randomly selected to win a $20 giftcard. ...I entered on the very last day, and somehow won! woot woot!  Life is great. :)     But anyway, thanks to everyone who's been reading! ..And thank you, blogger stats, for letting me know you exist. :)


  1. Hi my name is Timur i am from Turkey. i will have a jaw surgery and i didn't find anything about it till today. i have read your blog and it was very helpful i had concern about surgery but now is gone :D thank you for sharing your experience with us. so you see now you have follower from Turkey :D

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